Northern Heights: The Slice

Nestled in the Heart of Thunder Bay, across the shores from the sleeping giant, Northern Heights Co. handmakes unique and artistic smokeware for the new cannabis era. Creating functional artworks that will provide both the cleanest smoke and capture the essence of the natural world that we are so inspired by.

The Slice’ is a sleek, classic length ceramic pipe.

Some of the benefits:

  • Ceramics has stood the test of time
  • If you look after it, it will actually last forever
  • No Manufactured parts or add ons, entirely hand made
  • Opaque and will remain pleasing to the eye after every use
  • No leaching toxins or tastes in your smoke (no screen needed either)



Pipe dimensions:

  1. Approx. 10cm (4 inches) at its widest and 6cm (2 1/4 inches) at its widest.
  2. Weighs about 65g (2.2oz).

Each pipe is hand made and unique, therefore there will be slight variances in measurements. This is all the more reason why your pipe will be unique to you.

Additional information


Smokestone Glaze, Blue Lagoon Glaze



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