Solventless Rosin Press Services

 Rosin is quickly becoming a highly demanded product.  It is the cleanest way to enjoy extracted oils.  Using high pressure and heat, allowing resinous sap to extract out of your plant matter.  What you are left with, is an amber shade, solvent-free, full spectrum extract full of the terpenes and cannabinoids that are part of the trichome glands of the plant.  This is a purer and concentrated form of enjoying your cannabis.  

Book an appointment to bring in your cannabis (up to 28 grams).  We will press 1 gram, that way you have an idea of the amount your cannabis will yield.  If you are satisfied with it, then we move onto pressing the rest of your order.

Main press:  Take a seat and enjoy the view, watch as your cannabis gets pressed.

Second Press: We will press a second time to ensure maximum yield.

Collection Process: This is where you get dirty!  We will provide the tools and silicone container; you get to collect your own rosin.


We will press 1 gram free to test out the yield of your strain.
14 grams or less: $30
15 grams-28 grams: $50

Medically licenced individuals may book for after hour appointments.

  • For best results, press as soon as your flower is dried and cured.
  • Indicas and Hybrids tend to yield more that Sativas.
  • Humidity and moisture play a large role in a good yield. Relative humidity should be around 62%.

Top strains include:

  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Chem family
  • Sour strains
  • Papaya and its crosses

Book a Rosin Pressing Appointment

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Preferred date and time of appointment

On average, appointments are 60 minutes long