RE.UP Educational Estate hosted at High’Q Niagara provides retailers with the ultimate elevated and educational event of the summer.
Saturday 27th August | 4pm til 11:30pm – Click here to buy tickets

With the success of the RE.UP PK SESH Lot.03/05/2022, alongside the main sponsors The Loud Plug and Weedmaps, and of course the lineup of brands like Carmel, Hashco, Fritz’s, Cannara Biotech, Other Peoples Pot, Medipharm Labs, Jonny Chronic, Velvet Management and more! This truly created a blueprint of future events with RE.UP:

The purpose of these events is to offer an intimate and interactive setting for new, emerging, innovative brand and product offerings in this ever growing market; amongst those buying and selling products.

With that the second event of RE.UP presents–Educational Estate, hosted by High’Q Niagara

RE.UP Educational Estate is a panel forward event, while hosting The Loud Plug as main sponsor and 10+ brands offered on the market, to help further knowledge of the industry by improving budtenders, managers, and owners overall retail experience.

Hosted on a gorgeous Niagara-on-the-lake private estate property courtesy of the co-owners of the first dispensary to open in St.Catharines/Niagara area; The Niagara Herbalist. This amazing space overlooks the gorgeous river leading to the falls, a canna-inclusive site to create a one-of-kind elevated panel experience and ultimate backdrop for an end of summer bashment!

The event begins with a VIP experience with elevated and educated discussions with a panel lead by talented and knowledgeable industry professionals with live reviews and open mic for questions to take place from us retailers! Commences right at 4:30pm with speakers like:

Cyrus Hambaz – CEO of The Loud Plug

Brigette Simons – CEO of Safari Flower Co.

Steven Conville – CEO of Kronic Relief

From there dabs and dips in the pool so make sure you have your rigs, bangers and bikinis!

Food on site provided by Jerk Hut Cuisine, please bring cash for purchase. Meals range from $5-$15, with Jamaican classics like Jerk Chicken, Oxtail, Rice and Peas, veggie stir fry, plantin/patties, Corn soup and more! Just know food will be there and be delicious:)

Of course Adrian from Dope! Cocktails is back bartending with his amazing drink mixes to be revealed at the event. All drinks are cannabis forward no alcohol is used for his drinks, fuck hangovers.

BudBar powered by High’Q Niagara in which will have fun and unique glass ware and the option of two delivery windows to grab any last minute goodies on special!

And of course 10+ brands and their offerings to navigate throughout the night to discuss, try and learn about product to bring into store!

Date: Saturday August 27th, 2022

Location: TBA, 3 mins from Queenston Heights Park, Niagara on the Lake

Event starts: 4:00pm

Event ends:11:00pm

Doors open 3:30pm, arrive on time to guarantee seating for elevated panel and first dibs on all goodies for the night.

All guests must be aged 19+ , and have Government I.D. and valid CannSell (tangible or online) ready to be checked at the door.

Other then that lets make this night a movie! Can’t wait to enjoy this industry and what it has to offer with you all and lets close this summer out with a smoke show!