Emma Lee Fleury

Emma Lee Fleury is a multidisciplinary artist/musician from Niagara, Canada. Her artworks, installations, and musical collaborations have ventured through an array of venues and festivals in Niagara, historic venues of Toronto/The GTA, and West/Northwest of Canada. She was recently awarded The Standards Readers’ Choice Best Local Artist of 2020. She studied Sculpture and Fine Art at the University of The Fraser Valley and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts at Brock University. The concepts of her work revolve around perceptions of the Earth, the Universe and the Abyss in reciprocal motion with the energies that render one grounded fused with thoughts about the environment, time both in presence and memory as they pass through the human vessel in waves of love and mixed mediums. Her creations bloom and morph into sculpture, recycled art, earth art, set design/installation, paintings, music, sounds, words and more.